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Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke....
Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke..... ~Rose

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Eliot Spencer

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PostSubject: unclaim talent   Thu May 31, 2012 5:11 pm

eliot has been told he is the spitting image of his father he hate the most. so when he learns that his father may have been an assassin for the most lethal terrorist organication in the world Sabotage, Corruption, Intelligece, Assassination or known as scorpia, Eliot world was nothing but smiles. now scorpia wants Eloit on their side. you can be with them or you can be another organization. but i need a female for this one.
the rooms had no windows , and that in itself was strangers it was situated in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. if someone had thought to but through the soundproof panel the reinforced steel walls and the circuitry designed to prevent any form of outside surbeillance,they would find themselves looking at the grand canal with the churches and palaces of vaenice,italy streching into the distance. a women walked in wearing a business suit, she walked into a room with 9 mean 3 where hackers and the others assassins. "it been three monthssince we where aproach by are clentin the middle east...." she conitues to talk
for two thief on 200 ccvespa scooter, it was a case of the wrong victim,in the wrong place, on the wrong Sunday morning in august.
it seemed that all life had had gathered in the paizza esmerelda, a few miles outside benice,church had just finished and while families were strolling together in the brillaiant sunlighti; grandmothers in black, boys and girls is their best suits and communion dresses. the coffee bars and the ice cream shops had open, their customers walking on the sidewalk and onto the street. a huge fountain all naked gods and serpents gushed jets if ice cold water, and there was a market. stalls had been set up selling kites, dried flowers, old post cards, and packets of seed for the hundreds of pigeons that strutted and squawk around.
two English school boys sat at the table drinking lemon water ice.there was an elegent dress women, out with her two childern.she had just steeped off the sidewalked and was about to cross the road when a motorbike surge foward. it ws a 300cc bespa granturismo, almost brand newwith 2 men riding it. they both dressed in jeans, long sleeved,shirts. the passager had a helmet and visor , as much to hide his identity as to protect him if they crashed. the driver- wearing sunglasses steered toward the woman, as though he intended torun her over. but at the last moment he beered away. at the same time the other man reached out and snatched her handbag. it was dont so neatly that armand know that the 2 where professionals bag thiefs.
there was nothing the woman or her kids could do they where already accelerating away. the diver had his head low. his parnter was cradling the leather bag in his lap. they where speeding diagonally across the square heading toward armand and his friend. it would had seemed that there were people everywhere a few moments before, but suddenly the center of the square was empty there was nothing to prevent ttheir escape.

Eliot got up and ran forward.
"Eliot!" his friend called out
'stay back!" Eliot said
briefly, Eliot considered blocking the path of the vespa. but it was hopeless. the friver would easily be able to swerve around him- and if he choose not to, Eliot really would end up in the hospital. the bike was already doing 40 miles per hour and Eliot certainly wasnt going to stand in its way.
he looked around him, wondering if there was something he could throw. a net? a bucket of water? but there was no net and the fountain was to fare away although there where a buckets...
the bike less than 20 yards away, accelerating all the time. ran forward and snatched a bucket from the flower stall, emptied it, scattering dried flowers across the sidewalk, and filled it with bird seed from the stall next to it. both the stall owners were shouting at him but he ignored it. with out stopping he swung around and hurled the bird seed at the bespa just as it was about to go past him. but the men countinues on it didnt knock them off like people thought it would but that wasnt Eliot plan. the pigeons saw the food flewing and the two riders where covered in pigeon. Eliot watched, the bike performed a 180- degree turn so that now it was coming back.heading staight towards them moving faster then ever, for a moment he srrod poised waiting to throw himself aside. i tlooked as though hewas going to be runed over but the bike veeredand now it was heading for the fountain. the front wheel hit the fountains edge the bird came off and both men where thrown off there bike. the guy that had the hand bag yelled and let go of it and in almost slow motion Eliot stepped foward and caught the bag then it was all over the cops came and arrest the men they where freezing and beat up by the pigeons. Eloit handed the lady her hand bag back and smiled. He did not know he was being watch by someone.
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unclaim talent
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