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Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke....
Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke..... ~Rose

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 Scarlet Winterblade

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PostSubject: Scarlet Winterblade   Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:27 am

~Taken sheet from another site~

Full Name:
Scarlet Winterblade

Race: Lycanthrope

Age: Is actually 23 but looks 18

Job: Servant but *For Hire*



  • Passionate
  • Attractive
  • Strong
  • Loyal
  • Courageous
  • Honest
  • Educated
  • Creative
  • Visionary
  • Knowledgeable
  • Charming
  • Funny
  • Spiritual
  • Brave
  • Intelligent
  • Clever
  • Submissive(Very)
  • Gentle
  • Sweet
  • Caring
  • Respectful
  • Trustworthy
  • Accepting (Extremely)
Special Skills:

  • Hunting/fishing
  • Shifting
  • Improved scenes, strength,speed and reclines
  • Regeneration(Quick self-healing) (Does not work against silver, lycanthrope fangs/claws or vampire fangs/claws)
  • Basic Servant duties (doing dishes, cooking, sewing, dusting, tending to the cattle, making soap ect)
Scarlet was born as a human, she was loved by her family (Mother, Father, Aunt and Uncle). From age 2-3 Scarlet was taught at home by her aunt and mother while her father and uncles worked. At age 5 Scarlett was put into daycare and flourished. She began educated and knowledgeable. At age 12 Scarlet was staying late to finish a big report while using the library books as her resource. She was walking late and it was already dark. As she walked she held her lantern in front of her to light her way. She did not see the man lurking in the shadows. He kidnapped her pulling her into the shadows collaring her and taking her into the neighboring town and making her his slave. Thus starting her servant .

Her master was not a very nice man. Her day was full of long chores and making breakfast, lunch and dinner and slept in a cage. If she misbehaved she was whipped or slapped. At the age of 14 her master began to make sexual advances while he was drunk one night but she managed to fed him off when he lept at her only getting a scratch on her arm. Though he was a lycanthrope and was infected by the blood.

The next full moon she shifted after scream for hours in pain as her bones cracked and popped out of place. She fainted and woke up in 'her cage' At age 16 her master came home drunk while she was setting the table for dinner. He picked her up and slammed her onto the table and began to kiss her while trying to untie her dress but failed and continued kissing her.Eventually he passed out drunk before doing anything else and Scarlet ran off scared of being killed or raped.

Now at age 18 her hair changed from light brown to blonde and her eyes shifted from blue to green (due to her inner wolf changing her appearance). She feels like she is safe from her master but fears he will find her and if he does he will punish her badly....unless she somehow gets her collar off.

Scarlet's sheet


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PostSubject: Re: Scarlet Winterblade   Mon Jun 11, 2012 5:17 am

Very nice! I like the photoshop job of the collar on her neck Smile the collar will be removed from your items if someone get it off Smile


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Scarlet Winterblade
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