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Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke....
Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke..... ~Rose

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 Awards/Badges/Flairs/Character Acomplishments!

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PostSubject: Awards/Badges/Flairs/Character Acomplishments!   Tue Jun 12, 2012 5:29 pm

I can't watch everyone's role play we have little way of telling
when characters deserve particular awards. So, if you have achieved any
of the following. Respond to this post (or PM Rose)
with the character and what award, and if applicable, to whom.


Pregnant- Can you hear the patter of little feet? More then likely this character can feel them.

- Congrats for the Engagement!

- This is given to characters who have fought with others and have
destroyed an area of chat (This given with the owner of that rooms
permission, if no owner please speak with an Admin for permission and
how the bkg should be made to be.)

Killer - Given to a character who has killed another. *NOT NPC DEATHS* Number of kills present on badge.

Bounty/Wanted - This character has a reward set out for them.

a bounty on someone? Let us know. We'll even make a poster for it for
the topic.
Blessed -This character was blessed by a deity.

Cursed - This character was cursed by a deity.

Divorced - No longer married.

Widow - The left-behind wife/husband.

Married-The ones who took the vows and are now married until the end of time.

Bonded - Bonded to _______ [--/--/--]
    *Customizable for the image to be of a special symbol. Or leave as is if none such thing appears.
    *Name who the bonded are
Slave - Owned by ____

Master- Master of ____

Brought Back (1 extra life)
- You were brought back from the afterlife with little to no side effects... aren't you special.

Protection This character is under the protection of another.

Player Appreciation - We hear great things about you.

Donation - For donating any amount to Storybrooke. Thanks to this player we can add nice additions to the site!
-----Will reserve a badge with the amount they donated

Helping Hands - You where caught helping!

Creative Character - Oh! How creative! Very Original!

Storybrooke Legend - You're known for something far and wide.

Picture Maker - People
wearing this badge have the ability to modify images for you. Be nice tothem when you request things as they are taking the time out to do thisor you. DO NOT GET SNIPPY OR THEN CAN REJECT YOUR REQUEST
    *You do not need -Photoshop- for this badge. Skill does
    not matter either. Just the ability to make pictures fit in regulation and add a name will work!

Need Help? - It's official when someone wears this badge. They're here to help anyone with questions.

Parent- Happy new father/mother.

((Adding the art and wring badges))

Yes there are SECRET BADGES.... What I will tell you is that if you
think you've been offered an opportunity to get one then by all means,
take it!

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Awards/Badges/Flairs/Character Acomplishments!
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