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Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke....
Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke..... ~Rose

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Lucinda Dracul
Lucinda Dracul

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PostSubject: Lucinda   Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:26 am

First Name- Lucinda

Middle Name- Vlidia

Last Name- Dracul

Race- Vampire

Age- Ancient

Gender- female

Height- 5' 7"

Weight- 95

Job- Ambassador's Right Hand


  • Cold

  • Cruel

  • Evil

  • Dark

  • Sinister

  • Malicious

  • Manipulative

  • Deceptful

  • Loyal (only to the ambassador and the vampire king aka dad)

  • Twisted

  • Intelligent

  • Dangerous

Special Skills-
  • Spying

  • Draining

  • Flitting (supersonic running)

  • Smoke Teleportation

  • Mind Games

  • Transformation

  • Mind Reading

  • Killing

History- Direct descendent of Vladimir Dracula. Other than that you don't need to know...for she'll never tell.
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Head admin
Head admin

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PostSubject: Re: Lucinda   Thu Jun 28, 2012 12:14 pm


Have you ever had an idea immaculately conceive itself before your eyes, a few words that flowed onto the page, oily and wet from birth, but still beautiful?

The murmur of death, a dark shadow overcast
Ringing long and eternal as life slips slowly past
It breeds the unthinkable and touts the unknown
It begins at the end
On a whisper
A moan.


Asteria's Character Sheet
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