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Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke....
Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke..... ~Rose

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Felix Nalini
Felix Nalini

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PostSubject: Felix   Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:49 pm

First Name- Felix

Middle Name- Rosin

Last Name- Nalini

Race- Dhamphir (half vampire/half unknown)

Age- Looks 17

Gender- Male

Height- 5' 10"

Weight- 110

Job- *for hire*


Disabilities- Voiceless (due to traumatic events which caused him to "forget" or block off how to talk. otherwise known as forced muteness but not because he was born mute)

*Nervous (until he gets to know you)
*Easy Going
*Warm Hearted

Special Skills-
*Romance Novels
*Flute Playing
*Wood carving
*Flitting (for short periods of time and only if not touched)
*Magic Talk (using magical dust to write words in the sky)

History- His mother was a vampiress of the ancient breed. His father was some race but he was never told what. He grew up in the land of Italy. His mother raised him to be the perfect gentleman. He was taught to dance shortly after he was taught to walk. His mother said his father was a man who never wanted anything to do with him. He didn't mind as his mother was his mom and dad. One day she was attacked by vampire hunters and she sent him into hiding. He watched as his mother get gang raped then staked through the heart. After which his ability to speak went away. He doesn't remember how to talk. Well he does but he hasn't spoken an uttered word since. He speaks through written words and magic dust. He ran away after they left. Running through the hidden tunnel as his home was burnt to the ground. His mother inside and turned to ashes. He was only five in appearance when this happened. He forgot how to talk due to the traumatic event. He may one day be able to speak again. He swore when his mother was raped and killed that he would protect any woman no matter her race or age.
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Kris T
Kris T

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PostSubject: Re: Felix   Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:10 pm

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