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Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke....
Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke..... ~Rose

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 Geißel Kabuku

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Geißel Kabuku
Geißel Kabuku

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PostSubject: Geißel Kabuku   Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:21 am

First Name- Geißel

Middle Name- Ronin

Last Name- Kabuku

Race- Undead Necromancer

Age- Is about 132 years but looks 18

Gender- Male

Height- Six foot two

Weight- 140

Job- *for hire*

Appearance- Geißel is a mix of many people in one body. His arms, legs, and some of his own torso were sewn back onto him when he died. His arms are sewn on from the mid upper arm, His chest has a huge portion of skin that is rather strange, and it is kind of green. His true skin tone is pale. He has stitches all over his body holding his arms, head, and fingers in place it seems. Actually those healed up a longtime before. His hair was originally black but had much blood shed and it went to the color of blood itself. Over his right eye is a long cut stitched up and across the bridge of his nose are two cuts. His eyes are slightly swollen looking but it is because of how his skin tone has red around the black marbles he calls his eyes. His eyes are naturally black.

He never wears shirts but a long black leather trench coat with a chain going across his chest holding it shut. His pants are dark chocolate brown and baggy. He wears a belt around his waist and has it very tight. He looks anorexic but if one fought him they’d know it was a lie. He is pure muscle. His shoes are black boots with the soles drenched in mud. He carries a weird pole on his back that has what seems to be a sliver of serrated metal forged into it. It is a Bo-staff Axe. He hardly goes anywhere without it. He is six-two feet tall.

Personality- Geißel the Necromancer is a very cautious man. He hides constantly and waits till it is dusk to come out of the darkness. He jokes about many things, especially if it involves death. He is crude and observant. If there is death around him he will suddenly grow cold in personality and seriously try to “protect” it.

Flute music
His secret Poetry book
Acting strange

Light Magic

Special Skills-
His aura can touch the dead and make them rise with the right words. At times he can summon ghosts or anything dead to fight for him. However he is normally seen with a weapon of some sort to save himself from damage. He can also heal himself with it.

However he may be a "simple" dead raiser he too can cast fire spells due to how he died.

History- Geißel grew up in an old village town as one of two sons of a duke, he rather enjoyed it growing up but when he went into town the kids would be idiots and would make fun and through stuff at him. Mainly rocks. He hated it and well he still dealt with it. As he got to be a teen he was hit hard in the head with a glass bottle. He got his first stitch work done that day, he began to slowly hate Humanity as more and more people seemed to try and kill him. It wasn’t his fault, his eyes were black and demons had black eyes right? Well he didn’t know why they hated him but when he went to see his mother on his eighteenth birthday he saw her dead on the floor. He ran to find his father but saw him with the bloody knife over his brother Ronin. Geißel flipped and made his fist murderous deed. He ran away and got attacked by a Pyromancer.

He did his best to fend for himself, his blood was pumping the adrenalin from killing but it never lasted long for him. He got seared to shreds by the fire mage and was bunt to shreds. He then crawled away barely alive and missing much of his flesh. He rolled into the river and drowned himself. A week into his body drifting down the river he was found by a Necromancer. He was brought to a castle and was slowly put together and mended. Some of his limbs and things had to be replaced with fresher ones. The Necromancer died before he could wake up Geißel. The teen corpse laid in solitude for fifty years slowly decaying. He woke up when magic was introduced to the room he was in and was rather ravenous. He staggered around for a while till he found the explorer and killed him. He used the blood to replenish himself.

He left the castle after doing repairs to his eaten skin and took the book used to summon the dead. He tied it into his coat. Geißel went out and slowly began to reek his vengeance on the world by killing people left and right. It was time he paid them their dues for hurting him those years before. Soon he was over one hundred years old. He himself was part of the Undead now. Did he care? No. It only gave him the ability to destroy all life, however - he wanted to use it for other things.... possibly even practical.

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Kris T
Kris T

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PostSubject: Re: Geißel Kabuku   Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:51 am

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Geißel Kabuku
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