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Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke....
Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke..... ~Rose

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 Nillie Leonor

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Nillie Leonor
Nillie Leonor

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PostSubject: Nillie Leonor   Sun Jul 08, 2012 5:04 am

First Name- Nillie

Middle Name- ~:none:~

Last Name- Leonor

Race- Shifter:~ Kangaroo Mouse

Age- 18

Gender- Female

Height- Five foot three

Weight- 132

Job- Traveling Entertainer

Appearance- Nillie was born a runt, meaning she was different than most shifters; she had natural animal tail and ears. Her ears are about the size of 2 inches, Nillie was born with them like that. The girl stands about five foot three with a four foot and a half long slender tail that juts from her spine above her hips; at the end of her tail is a ploof of fur that looks frizzy but is not - it is how her kind is. The young mouse has the eye color of morganite, which is a rather pale brown-orange color. Her skin is soft and fair colored, the color of her ears and tail is a soft brown with white here and there. Nillie's hair is a soft cream color with some dark streaks in it, it curls about her head softly. If her hair was wet it would extend to her shoulder blades, but dry it stops an inch from her shoulders. The young girl wears a dress with long sleeves with tight sleeves under it and tights under her skirt. The fabric is natural colors of brown in many shades. She is bare foot as well, Nillie never really wears shoes. The little mouse has a black band in her hair to keep most of it from her face.

As a mouse she is able to fit in a palm and her tail is about four to five inches long. She can move rather fast nd jumps rather far, if jumping straight up she could go about two feet.

Personality- This little mouse is shy, as well as timid to be near any one. The only time she is open is if she is doing an act or playing a song on her flute. When sad her ears sag and press back, her tail will drag on the ground. The only time she cries is if she is being hurt or yelled at. She loves music, singing, poems, and being around people who understand being different. She can get angry but not quickly it takes a bit to get her angry however she will use her nails to attack if she is attacked as well. If you want to seriously annoy her however, pull her tail and ears. Other than this Nillie is soft and gentle, she spends most of her time in the woods playing her flute.

Special Skills-
*Can use telepathy to speak
*Plays the flute
*Knife thrower
*Comunicate with animals
*Can climb objects
*Able to balance things on her fingers as well as balance them on her arms, and feet, etc.
---*can't juggle however
*Clothes go with the shift

History- Growing up on a farm Nillie's parents were proud of farming and proving for the town but as well as for themselves. When Nillie was born she had already two other siblings, both male; she was born very small, and very sick. For a week the young girl struggled to live but came through and fought to live. However that was not all she had problems with, her brothers hated her for her size and how she looked, not only was she rather short compare to the bulky males- she couldn't talk other than through chirps and squeaks like a little mouse. Yes, she could talk but through an ability she discovered at the age of ten; telepathy. Nillie never spoke to her brothers at all. Her two older brothers kicked her and yelled at her for being weaker than them, her father even treated her horribly by smacking her about. Nillie was alone and never left the barn, her mother would come and bring her food and new clothes when she needed it but other than that her family didn't care for her.

The young mouse knew her mother loved her unlike the males but she wanted attention; the family soon forgot her existence when a new member was given life too. Her baby sister. During the winter as she was twelve she watched her mother and father fraternize with the baby and it hurt her, the baby was as small as she had been. However the baby looked Human unlike her. She then knew why she was hated, for how she looked. Sneaking into the house at that same night she stole her father's, and both of her brother's throwing knives. She then wrote a note using mud and ran away. The mouse wrote it on the wall seeing as she would no longer live there. The three knives were thin and maybe six inches long with glass beads meshed into the handles. Each bed resembled a gem; Cheery Opal, Tanzite, and Peridot. Nillie tied them to her hip along with a small pouch containing snacks she needed for food.

Looking around she joined a traveling group of performers who found her half frozen in the snow, they treated her like family despite how she looked. Feeling sorry for her though they gave her a hat that hid her ears and a dress which she wore to hide her tail. They taught her how to use the knives and soon she got tired of that. Every day on her own she practiced how to balanced the sharp objects on her arms and hands, sometimes her feet and head. When she mastered this by the age of fourteen she shortened the skirt and made her sleeves more open, she was even confident to show her tail and ears. She was an act all together.

On the side as she traveled with the group she began to learn to play a foot and two inch wooden flute. It soothed her as well as gained her animal friends, though by the time she mastered it she decided to go on her own again. At sixteen she left with a smile and went on to the towns; balancing, throwing, acrobatic inclined acts, and as well as some music once in a while she would do for people. Never once for money however. She never had use for it, All Nillie wanted was a place to stay for the night or however long she was there and food. Never once did she show she could shift. Only when she left to be on the road did she turn into her animal form.

Nillie always was alone, for no one cared for the little mouse.

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PostSubject: Re: Nillie Leonor   Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:49 am


Have you ever had an idea immaculately conceive itself before your eyes, a few words that flowed onto the page, oily and wet from birth, but still beautiful?

The murmur of death, a dark shadow overcast
Ringing long and eternal as life slips slowly past
It breeds the unthinkable and touts the unknown
It begins at the end
On a whisper
A moan.


Asteria's Character Sheet
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Nillie Leonor
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