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Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke....
Big changes are ahead in Storybrooke..... ~Rose


 Succubus of the Sea

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PostSubject: Succubus of the Sea   Succubus of the Sea I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 21, 2012 9:53 am

The ocean... This damned ocean. Always staring back at him coldly. Rising toward his seaside home taunting him to join the depths and just as quickly receding. Each wave crashing to the shore reaching out to bring him into its cold clutches and then returning only to taunt him once again. Was his one love not enough? Did this Succubus of a sea want to bring his body into its depths just like his wife before him? Every night it would try to lull him into a false slumber, but he knew it was a trap. Every sunrise it would sparkle and shimmer just as his wife had before her demise. Its charms would never fool him. Every sunset, she would concoct her symphony.

The cause of all his sorrow, all his pain, all his suffering. This creature would not be satisfied with his wife alone. First, the damned sea lures her into its depths and then it uses her form to have him follow to the same doom? Taking her visage, her voice. Using it against him. Her soft, pale skin. Rose red hair. Every sunset she would plead for him to join her. Every sunset she would sob away as the sun went below the horizon. Ever pleading for her Vincent to come and be free with her forever.

He would sit on the balcony every sunset. Watching the form of his late wife cry into the deafening waves. Every night finding it more difficult not to give in. Go and hold his Barbara close once again. Every night watching as the sun went underneath the sea and with it his wife. Shining algae fin and all. This always snapped him out of the spell. This was not his wife, his Barbara. This creature only wanted his flesh as it did his wife. He recalled last year the day after she disappeared. The first day this beast attempted to lure him into the waves. He had taken a crude spear with him to kill this murdering demon. However, upon seeing its face, the face of his lost love, he could do nothing to mar that face. Whatever form it took.

So doomed he was to ever listen to the taunting waves. Doomed forever to have the tides entice him to the sea. Doomed eternally to listen to his late wife's pleas. His wife was gone. Forever taken by the sea and he would not join her fate.

Ever doomed to watch his wife sob for him to come join her for eternity.
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Succubus of the Sea
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